Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Heart Is Heavy As We Have Lost George

I started this blog as my first blog and thought George would be my perfect subject as he has been the center of our world. That world suddenly changed around 1:30 this morning when an injection was given to him to end what was inevitable, as his body had collapsed and he became non responsive. He is finally at peace. Our wonderful furry friend of almost 18 years will be deeply missed by the 3 of us. For now this Blog will remain silent in honor of George.


  1. Our animal friends enrich our lives so much and leave behind such wonderful memories to fill the void.

    George, you will be missed not only by your family and your pal on the other side of the fence who would come to visit but even by those like me that you 'talked' to over the phone.

    Gone but not forgotten.

  2. I truly do not know what I would do without you, my friend. I will have to talk to the neighbors, but today they have a Memorial for the head of their household, who died after a long battle with Cancer. I wish we could have made it to say farewell and embrace their family.
    I forgot that George talked to you on the phone. His friend on the other side of the fence will really miss him. They always looked for each other.
    You write so well, "Gone But Not Forgotten". May be a way to let this Blog carry on.

  3. Oh my heart just aches for all of you. I just saw this and wanted to send love and hugs...
    love to you and yours
    All Things Heart and Home

  4. I got tears in my eyes when I read this post. I used to have a cat named Maximillion Marblecake. He lived to be 13. He was ill and he just disappeared. Friends told me he went off to die alone. The thought haunted me for years. Your story reminded me of him. I'm so glad you rescued Oscar and let him help you mourn George.

  5. Thank you for posting to my Blog. I was crying, as I wrote. What a great name for a cat. I am so sorry that he disappeared. I was concerned about that, but always had my eye on George. Since he was unable to jump our back fence anymore, we kept him in when it got dark and were not concerned about him leaving the yard. It would have haunted me also. I have never had a cat disappear when they were ill. We love Oscar so much. He surely has become a great addition to our home. He brings us more each day he is here. We still miss George.