Saturday, October 31, 2009


The kids started knocking on our door and ringing our doorbell around 7:30pm. It is fun seeing the costumes on the little kids all the way up to the big kids. All say trick or treat and thank you. Such nice kids. Parents wait on the sidewalk and wave as we glance at them after giving their children candy. Our neighbors across the street bring their young boy and girl each year and I take a picture of them each year. How they have grown. It is a wonderful holiday.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009


It had been way too long since I had seen Jack
I am so glad that we made this trip,
he looked great

Soon after we arrived, Jack had me come to the front of
his house to show me all of his trains and how some worked.
It was simply amazing and so beautiful to see.

So much love went into what he had done.

This was my favorite

So many trains in one room but done so nicely

So much love and work into every piece

Jack's love for trains has been a lifetime passion

This tree is what you see when you walk
into Jack's house. It has been up since his wife Jo
passed away several years ago. It is breathtaking.

We had a wonderful lunch

Judy and Elaine

Mom and Judy

Jack and Mom

Jack and Dan

Our group photo after lunch in Jack's backyard
Darlene, Dan, Janet, Jack, Mom, Judy and Elaine

David came with he and Janet's dog after lunch.
We got a little show.

Jack asked that I take a photo of this dog
I do not remember the story about it though.

It was fun looking at the photos we took while
we visited and old photos that I had on my computer,
even captured a photo of David in this photo

and Dan in this one

I could not resist taking photos of an old framed photo of Judy

and an old framed photo of Janet

So many beautiful things throughout the house
That Jack wanted me to take photos of

Jack asked that I turn on the lights
and take a photo of a beautiful Christmas
set up in one of the bedrooms

Special musical items

David (Janet's husband) did this sketch of Jack
I asked if it was ok to take a photo
and Jack said sure, looks just like Jack
David did an awesome job

The view from Judy and Dwight's home

We got to see Dwight and meet he and Judy's granddaughter

We followed Janet to the freeway and continued on our way home
What a great day with wonderful friends,
Memories I will cherish forever