Friday, June 18, 2010


Dan, Lisa and their 4 kids arrived after a long drive.
The tv was put on to watch the Lakers game.
The older boys played some video games.
We ate Papa Murphy's Pizza.
Dan and Dan watched the game.

Sarah wanted to check out Oscar

Lisa and I ended up outside with the kids in the pool.
Started trying to get a good photo of Bryan jumping in

Wow, it is hard to get a clear shot but it was a lot of fun

The pool was a hit with Michael

Chris and Sarah enjoyed being outside

Bryan really enjoyed the pool

Chris just out of the pool and warming up

Sarah is adorable and had fun with Lisa holding her so she could put her feet in.
The Lakers won and it was really loud in our house.
Back to camp for Lisa, Dan and the kids. I bet the kids slept all the way.
A fun evening. It was 7 years since we saw them. Hopefully sooner next time.


  1. You were obviously a hit with the kids! Looks like a fun time was had by all. Your pool looks so much larger in these photos! Nice of you to share!

  2. The kids loved the pool. It kept them out of mischief in the house and cooled them off and let them use all the energy that kids have. They were fun to watch. I think it looks larger with the angles that I took the photos.

  3. Everyone looks like they had a superb time Darlene! :D

  4. It was so nice to see them. Wish I had a bit of the kids energy. The weather has been beautiful here. Not typical of this time of year. The water was a bit cold but they did not care. What a fun time it was.