Thursday, July 15, 2010


I was told that I can bring things to brighten up my room
while I spend time in the hospital to have some testing done.
I picked up this colorful, cute little guy on a short venture out last weekend.
This weekend I hope to get out to find a few more things to bring.
I get to bring my Laptop, so I can keep in contact with friends and family,
and follow my favorite Blogs.


  1. WHAT? What tests? Are you OK? I don't know what is up, but I am sending prayers and lots of positive energy for healing and happy news. I am way behind in my I feel terrible. Please be well. I will check in later...but email me, will you? Hugs to you.

  2. Darlene, I hope you are ok? I'm sending you well wishes! :D

  3. Hello sweet friend*! First of all Please know that I will be saying prayers for all good results while you're in the hospital. So sorry you're having to go through this, but you said you're taking the computer with you, so we'll all be right here getting you through it*!

    NO, I hadn't heard anything about the cutest blog on the block closing. I see the report they have on your blog, but I haven't see it before and didn't know. Thank you for give me the heads up on it. I guess I would have logged on Friday and been surprised to see my background gone. I guess we'll be looking for a new look for our blogs. Grrrr*

    I found a few sites that we can start checking out.....

    I don't like change, but hopefully we'll find some cute stuff and who knows, maybe we'll enjoy the change*!

    Thank you so much for following and hanging out with me via the blog*! I've added you to my blog list and will be checking in to see how you're doing too*!



  4. I just clicked on the cutest blog link on my blog and got some information that I copied and wanted to share with you.....It said:
    Looking to update your blog background code so you don't lose it when photobucket shuts down our account?

    Follow these instructions:

    Go to the place you pasted your background code in your blog
    Find in the code where it says:
    Replace it with:
    Click 'Save'

    You will no longer be at risk of loosing your blog's background once photobucket shuts down TCBOTB account
    You may notice that the blog background loads slowly over the next 24-48 hours while our servers are upgraded however everything will be back to normal after that.

  5. Darlene, I am glad you got the backgrounds figured out but now what will you do next week in the hospital?

  6. Type recipes, organize my Laptop, play cards, watch tv, play games on my laptop, watch DVD shows and movies, find funny sites, a friend will be sending me funny faces of himself, I will make funny faces at the camera in my room, eat, visit with my visitors, try really hard to stay awake, e-mail a lot of people, maybe take a few photos of where I am at, and blog it on here, and visit my long list of blogs that I do not do on a regular basis, eat and call for someone to walk me to the bathroom and hope that I get out in 3 days and not 5 but they figure out what is up with me.
    I think my list can go on and on. I will have to look at my comment so I remember what I am doing the days I am there. Will have IV prep, but not hooked up unless they have to. Dan may have to eat hospital food or bring us mac and cheese or noodles and chicken. We have to figure it all out.

  7. Happy Friday*! I am so happy to look in on your and see that your background is still here, and mine too. *WHEW* Hope you're having a great day*! ((HUGS))


  8. Darlene, Glad you have figured out things to do in the hospital. BTW I still have not changed the code on This, That n Tuther blog and it is just fine. So either photobucket has not pulled the plug yet or the entire thing was a type of publicity stunt.

    I will change that blog background when I have time and my wrists are up to it. Avoiding email until then, just wanted to check out the blogs. Hope you got figured out what you will need for your stay. I am sure everything will be fine. I will do my best to recover by then so we can chat online. It will be nice to have you off the Valium so you can remember things again. I miss you as much as you do. Hang in there!