Sunday, December 26, 2010


I woke up this morning, and told my husband I would like to go shopping for some new jeans. So off to the Mall we went. I had not been to the Mall in about a year and it was a lot of fun shopping but somewhat frustrating. We have 2 Kohl's and 2 Target's here, where we live and a skeleton of a Mall as the economy stopped that from completion.

The thing that is very hard for me to find is jeans long enough for me and not stretch as they do not go back to the size and the way that they fit after washing and drip drying them. I was told by a Manager at Kohl's that my Gloria Vanderbilt's are made all over the place except the USA. Today I was told by a Manager at J C Penney's that all of the jeans are now made in Shri Lanka, Egypt, Mexico, Omad, etc., none in the USA. The quality is terrible and not many brands to choose from. She and my husband found a few pair and I bought one after trying them on, to see how these work out for me. What ever happened to good old USA made denim jeans?? We did a bit more shopping at the Mall and headed home.

My husband decided to take the country roads home. The sky was so beautiful that
we turned right on a road for me to take some photos.

Little did we know that there would be an
extraordinary donkey and sheep,
all obviously well taken care of.

The donkey turned to glance at us

Then it stopped and stared at us
It was so muddy between the road and the fence
that I could not get closer and probably just as well

As we drove away the donkey ran along the fence
at the pace of our car
How I wanted to stop and take it home
Something so special had happened
My husband asked me as we left if I was crying
and I said yes
How I wish my last two photos did not come out so blurry


  1. I do hope we go back to visit the area and see this donkey again. I do wish animals could talk. But it's actions were enough for both of us and a bit overwhelming.

  2. Aww donkeys have that effect on some people! My friend just loves donkeys and has always wanted one. Whenever she sees one, she has the same reaction as you :) Happy New Year Darlene! :D

  3. I have never had a donkey try to connect with me before. I love animals. It was so unusual. I felt so strong about it when we drove away and wondered why it ran next to our car inside the fenced area till it had to stop. Made me cry which is very unusual. Happy New Year to you, Lorraine and thank you for visiting my Blog.