Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today the sun appeared and it was warming to
both Oscar and me
He took a bath and I soaked in some sun
I had my camera but quickly had to chase him
and bring him inside as he likes to run very fast
after birds he sees and hears

How I love being in our backyard

My precious plant from my Mom's neighbor has
grown nicely

Oscar was not happy staying in and let
me know by meowing and stretched up with
his clipped claws on our screen door

My beautiful little friend wanting
back outside so I joined him back inside
and now he is curled up on my lap
while I type this post
and listen to some wonderful music
Hope you all had a beautiful day today!!


  1. What wonderful pictures. It looks so inviting. But I like my warmer temps better, thank you. Wish my yard looked nice like yours. We need to combine my temps with your yard!

  2. Thanks Carol. It was a beautiful but cold and breezy day. Sitting in the sun warmed both Oscar and me up. It felt great. I love our yard but I like yours also. A great suggestion to combine your temps and our yard, though the pool would be too cold to get in, but it would be wonderful to sit out and enjoy warm weather.

  3. That last picture of Oscar is lovely-he has such a great expression on his face-almost enquiring!

  4. Thanks Lorraine. He is such a doll and a wonderful part of our family. It is hard to get a good photo of him through our screen door though.