Thursday, September 22, 2011

OFF TO THE BEACH - 9/21/2011

We crossed the Bay Bridge to get to the coast
I love the drive in so much

There was sunshine when we drove past Pacifica
and figured we would visit this beach later in the day

We wanted to head further south on the coast
where it was supposed to be warmer.
Much to our surprise there was no sunshine
at San Gregorio Beach, but an interested Seagull
that wanted to share our lunch.
We gave this one and those that
arrived the ends of our sandwiches
This one caught green grapes that we tossed to it.
Soon many Seagulls arrived
and this one screamed at the others
and bit them in the butt to stay away

then black birds arrived
fighting with this Seagull

Hubby said "Do you feel like we are in an
Alfred Hitchcock Movie?"

The view from our picnic table was
really nice even though there was no sun.
Since we left behind a 100 degree day at home,
we really enjoyed our nice cool visit
to San Gregorio Beach

A friend of mine wrote her name in the sand in Hawaii
hence this idea was born
I brought a stick from home
and wrote my name in the sand

Enjoyed the beach/ocean, tremendously

Wrote Dar and Dan in the sand
and Dan suggested to write the date (great idea)

The tripod was in the car so separate photos of us
It was a bit of a walk to get back to the car so did not
as we did not have a lot of time

I can still hear the sound of the ocean
and hope one day to find a seashell
that I can put to my ear to hear it

I took off my sandals before we got to the water
and walked in the warm sand and cold water

Nice to have a husband with a long arm to take a
photo of us

My nice sandy feet
A wave came up behind me and got me wet
Dan laughed at me
as I was in and out of the water

We will go again as soon as we can

We stopped at the Pacifica Beach
on our way back and it was packed with people

It was still sunny there and people were having
a great time

But the fog was rolling in and a beautiful sight to see

We stopped at Costco and got a cooked chicken,
a bag of rolls and a Red Velvet cake
We brought Chinese Chicken Salad and Potato Salad
Mom heated me up her mashed potatoes and gravy (Yum!)
I called Rick P (who I went to Elementary School with)
He only lives one block away and nice to see him
two years after our reunion
Rick met us at my Mom's house where we had dinner,
a nice conversation and Rick took a photo of us all together
on my Mom's deck
What a wonderful day we had


  1. Your mom is looking great. Is this your friend from a block over? Looks like a nice day. And wonderful beach photos.

  2. Thanks Carol, I think my Mom is looking great also. Yes, if Rick could jump over the house across the street from my Mom, he would be home.
    It was overcast and we had no view from her deck as you do on a clear day and can see out to the coast. Loved the beach. It was hard not to put more photos here. A fun day and loved walking in the sand and Ocean. I wanted to for so long.

  3. You look like you're having a wonderful time! And I don't think I've ever written my name as neatly as you have! :)

  4. Lorraine,
    We had a great time. I loved every minute of it and could have definitely stayed at the beach a lot longer. You are too funny. I took a long skinny and sturdy stick that you use in a plant pot and that worked great. It was a bit of work but worth it. The only thing questionable was the date as the 9 looked like a 4 to me. Also, the first time I wrote my name it was washed away quickly by a big wave that came up further than I planned. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!