Monday, October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - 10/31/2011

Happy Halloween to all.
I finally fixed today's photo problem.
Turned off my computer,
let it sit,
then turned it on and my photo was there.
I made two more Halloween lamps
that I added to one I had made already
and added some of our decorations.
Getting in the spirit of the day.
Thank you to Carol for getting me into making
these fun, cute and festive lamps.


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed doing these. They came out great! I was worried that you got put off by using messy glue. I am almost afraid to tell you that the Mod Podge is a lot messier! It all washes off though. :-)

  2. Thank you so much for getting me started on the lamp shades. I thought about the glue after my one disaster and thought that if I tape them and use one staple at the bottom that you will not really see it. I figured the Mod Podge is a lot messier, but my problem is that the glue got on the outside of the shade and made it look terrible even when dried. If only I could be there to make one plate I think I would be fine.

  3. Your lamps are great Darlene! I hope you had a happy Halloween! :D

  4. Thanks, Lorraine and they are simple to make. We had a quiet Halloween, which is just the way we planned it, so it was perfect for us, this year.

  5. I hope you have a nice Veterans's Day tomorrow.

    Take care and have a nice weekend :-)

    And thanks for your recent comment on My Blog :-)

  6. I wish you a nice Veteran's Day also.

    You are welcome for my recent comment on your Blog.

    Take care also and enjoy your weekend.

  7. Very cute lamp shades!

    Thanks so much for your visit today. Sorry you've been having eye problems too. Ugh! Mine is FINALLY getting better. Mine started with pink eyes. I thought I had a bad head cold and was taking a decongestant which made my eyes even more dry and aggravated than normal. Grrrr The doctor put me back on Restatis twice a day, but I still can't wear my contacts. Maybe soon....