Saturday, November 19, 2011


I love the colors of Fall
All the trees are becoming so beautiful


  1. Very pretty. I do miss the colors in fall. We get some but not much, although it is heavenly out this evening and I have all the windows open to enjoy it!

  2. Thank you, Carol. I love this tree and love seeing it turn so beautiful each year and each year it is bigger and more spectacular. We did not get the Fall colors we usually get overall though, but leaves are falling. I want one of these in my front yard. It is a fruitless pear and drops all its leaves at one time. You are lucky to be able to open your windows in the evening, it is too cold here.

  3. Beautiful! Love the colors of fall.


    (in answer to your questions -

    1. To enlarge photos - once they are downloaded, but before you publish the post, right click on the photo and at the bottom of the photo it should give you a choice of size. It automatically chooses medium. I change mine to extra large.

    2. To add color around the photo - go to your blog dashboard, click on design. Click on Template Designer at the top left. Click on advanced. Scroll down to images. Then select a color for your background color around your photos. Mine is blue. You can also choose the border color.

    Hope this helps.