Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My son decided that he wanted our last stop on our way home tonight, to be Subway for a sandwich. We got out of the car and walked inside Subway. I looked out of the windows and the sky was so magnificent and full of birds, that I decided to go outside to snap some photos. The flock of birds kept flying around making picture taking so much fun. I am in awe of nature at its best.


  1. What great photos! With the music it is so soothing. Makes me want to go home with you guys for dinner! LOL

  2. Wow your photos are amazing! The colours and the sky come up beautifully! :O

  3. Thank you both for your comments. It was a beautiful day yesterday and ended with this beautiful sunset. I am now convinced that I do not need an expensive camera to take good photos, just steady arms and hands as a few photos that I took were blurry.
    Carol, you are welcome for dinner any time. We will have to swing by Lorraine's @ Not Quite Nigella afterwards for her homemade Carrot Cake Ice Cream that she posted today.