Monday, January 18, 2010


Sunday afternoon I was sitting at my computer in my robe and sweats when all of the sudden a bug from somewhere landed on my robe, maybe from the ceiling. I jumped up and went to the family room where Dan was watching Football. I took off my robe and let it drop on the carpet and moved away from it. Oscar decided that this was his new place to sleep and bath. Later when he got up to eat, Dan picked up my robe and put down my old robe for Oscar. He was thrilled to have a robe on the floor to sleep and bath on. I wonder what other things we will learn about our rescue cat.


  1. He was and still is very happy. This is my favorite bathrobe, so he has my older one now to sleep and bath on.

  2. He looks very content sitting there on the leopard print! :D

  3. It matched him well. He is a love. I was thinking yesterday that we have now had him for 4 months. He is home and made himself at home. He is back to looking out our front window on back of our Futon. Wind gusts steadily increasing today, up to 60MPH 9am-3pm and rain all day. California is getting soaked. What a storm since Sunday.