Monday, April 5, 2010


I cannot believe I am one hour late to wish all a Happy Easter. My guys headed to the movies today and then home for a big lunch and we all took a nap. Sometimes holidays are a good time to just kick back. My husband cooked us a wonderful fried chicken dinner and I had a piece of a custard strawberry cake. I will be full for days.


  1. Sounds like you all had a nice day. What a beautiful bouquet! It is a time of renewal.

  2. It was a really nice day. I love flowers, buying them, photographing them and sharing them with others, especially on special days like Easter.

  3. I think my first comment got lost, please ignore this if I am repeating myself.

    Thanks for the visit and comment to my blog. :) Lucky Oscar, getting Tilapia for dinner! That is my favorite fish to order out, that and lake perch. I live in Michigan where we are accustomed to small perch which is different from ocean perch.

    I'll be back to visit. It is always nice to find a new blog that feels friendly as yours does. :)