Sunday, April 18, 2010


I watered my Pineapple Sage and let it get some sun before Tuesdays rain. It keeps blooming, so I let it keep growing. Not sure this is the way to take care of this plant, but it is doing really good.
Oscar loved sitting in the shade on the lawn and roaming and trying to go after the birds. We enjoyed the sunshine so much. What a nice Sunday it was.


  1. I think I should have come to your back yard today. Much nicer than mine. But I needed an afternoon indoors too. Maybe someday. Love your music here. Such a nice touch.

  2. You are always welcome. Perfect weather. I need to work inside today and besides it is windy and getting ready for a storm tonight so a good place to be. I am glad you love my music, perfect for the day it was. More days like this to come, so come on and visit a while.

  3. Ooh such gorgeous weather! We're heading into Autumn or Fall and I'm looking at your photos longingly Darlene! :D

  4. We are having the last of the rain tonight or tomorrow. Then into the warm and HOT weather. Seems strange that we have our seasons at different times of the year because of location. I will post some nice photos for you to enjoy, Lorraine.