Friday, August 6, 2010


Last day of my husbands vacation and I decided that I felt well enough to take a drive. Our cat Oscar climbed in my drawer and watched as we got ready. He knew we were leaving and did not want us to. Felt bad having to leave his sad face.
We did not go far, but to get out was really nice. What a beautiful day. Picked a road we had not ventured before. Lots of beautiful homes on the river, some with yachts docked. We stopped at a beautiful boat launch area shown in this photo. We also passed a beach area and went back to it to sit, enjoy and to eat lunch we had brought from home. We stayed for a little bit and headed home where we were greeted by our very happy cat, Oscar. It was so good to get out. We both needed today.


  1. So happy you had such a nice day, hope tomorrow will be as well......:-) Hugs

  2. It was a nice day. Nice to get out. Now to move forward.