Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I ran out of my tummy medication, and tried the OTC stuff per my Dr. without success. Dr office hurried and got it approved through my new insurance today and I took my first one tonight. Lost a bit of weight, but that was the plus in this. Feel ok, but will have to be careful with foods for a while. I can now get some strength back being able to eat simple foods and build myself back up to more foods.

Best news of all is that we are having the most mild Summer we have had in a very long time. Breezy morning and night. 50's in the morning, and 80's in the afternoon. Loving it so much.


  1. Oh no Darlene, I'm so sorry to hear that you're still feeling poorly. I hope it improves soon and good to hear that you're having a mild Summer! :)

  2. Sorry I have not visited your blog till now. It has been hard to do much. It is like having all energy zapped from your body. Woke up really sick yesterday morning (Aug 18) and took 1/2 a nausea pill and then my regular meds with a bowl of Oatmeal and water. I got up from my chair and was so sick to my stomach. These meds are in separate packets and scored to separate each packet. I decided to take another 1/2 but had to open another sealed pouch. I have no strength and tried for a bit and noticed on the packet that they were dated 6/2009. The info from the pharmacy said they expire 8/1/2010. No wonder I was getting so much worse. These has no potency in them. I also checked the outside of the box. It also said 6/2009. I had to wait to call the pharmacy. I did so and they gave me pills to swallow and not the melt in your mouth as these were. It is hard to swallow when I was so nauseated. Today I woke sick again and those pills are strong but help a bit. Only thing I can think of is that I need to not eat the Oatmeal. I hope my Dr office and pharmacy can help me. I did not get my favorite pharmacist. He would have fixed it right away. Yes, our Summer had a few HOT days, but it is a beautiful Summer. I need to get well to get out and enjoy it. Take care and thank you for visiting. Means a lot to me.

  3. Oh you poor thing Darlene and please don't apologise for not visiting. You need to take care of yourself :) that is terrible about the out of date pills. I'm really hoping you get better soon and get your strength back :)

  4. I am fighting hard. I had my son call the Pharmacy for me as they know my voice and I had him ask for Mike, my Pharmacist of 10 years. He took care of everything, exchanged the anti nausea pills for the melt in my mouth and my husband just returned my Zegerid (for the Acid Reflux) as Mike gave me the Brand name in exchange. I hurt inside so bad. Called my girlfriend who does catering, and she told me how to make a simple chicken soup with rice. My husband came home, got the meds and went to the two stores for me. Will come home to make this for me. I do not know how I am doing it, but I am getting through it. I am out of breath just walking down my hallway. Hoping what I do, works well. It takes time now as I got so bad. So, time to heal. I listen to a Biofeedback CD. It helps along with music on my Blog that I have on right now. Thanks for caring and popping in.
    I love your posts. I want to eat. A good sign, made me hungry.