Sunday, September 26, 2010


I cannot believe that eating food has come to this.
First visit to my GI Dr last Thurs (Sept. 23)
after he did an emergency Endoscopy (tube down my throat with a camera)
(requested by my ER Dr)
My GI DR said I needed to do certain things or
I will have a feeding tube.
I have lost 15 pounds so far, in the last few weeks
Working hard to keep up my strength,
and avoid a feeding tube
and following my GI Drs instructions
Thank God for my husband, son and friends.
I have been eating this soup, so pureed it for lunch for a few days now
and it is working ok along with Ensure and water with Electrolytes
and the meds my GI Dr changed and added.
This is a little chicken broth, water,
cooked boneless skinless chicken breast,
carrots and rice
We already owned a mini puree machine, so one serving at a time
Dinner last night was steamed and skinned red potatoes
and boneless skinless chicken breast
with some of the water from steaming the potatoes then pureed (delicious)
Breakfast has been a small portion of Cream of Wheat or Oatmeal
Need to add some crushed Bran flakes, so will do that tomorrow.
I am so grateful for my family and friends
and it seems finally a Dr that is there to get me through this
On our own for this to come together until the Insurance approves a Nutritionist
One day at a time


  1. Darlene, I'm so sorry to hear that it hasn't been going well :( One day at a time my dear!

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    I do not like to post personal things on your Blog but wanted to say hi as I love your Blog and had no idea how else to get hold of you. Thanks for popping in, it means the world to me. It has been very trying for the last almost 8 weeks now. Now, moving forward, one day at a time.

  3. hello,

    i'm maria from daisy cottage, sorry to hear your not feeling well, i pray that your health is re-stored and your healed. i enjoyed your blog.

    love ya, maria -cottage feel-