Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I did not know one could suddenly suffer so much. Since my testing for seizures, I have had so many problems with burning from my mouth to my stomach. Last Friday I woke at noon from my nap with pain that I could barely handle in the pit of my stomach and up the center of my chest and severely nauseated. The only thing that I had done differently was take a teaspoon of prescribed by my Dr to coat my tummy in the morning, called Gaviscon. I called the advice nurse and she said to see a Dr. My Dr is on vacation, so I saw the one filling in for him with my husband. He had me lay down and barely touched the pit of my stomach and I screamed in pain. He and my husband helped me sit up and the pain radiated upwards. He said he had only known me for 10 minutes so wanted to give me Vicodin and I told him it makes me throw up so he prescribed what I could take, Darvocet a low dosage. Said if I was not planning to take it for the pain, to go to the ER. His MA got a wheel chair and got me to our car and we left for the ER. I started to black out at the ER, so they got me into a room right away. Tried to find a vein to hydrate me as I was severely dehydrated. I got a great ER Dr and he had the male nurse give me anti nausea medication and swallow some lidocane for the pain. He prior to this did an EKG because of the chest pain and that was fine. By this time, I was doing better but weak. He spoke with us and told us he had called a GI Dr and gave us his name and phone number to call on Monday morning. He said what he gave to me should hold me till Monday and I was already taking the same anti nausea medication at home and added the Maalox before and after my Cream of Wheat and water, so I was able to eat a bit of food. He said my bloodwork and urinalysis came back fine. He gave me literature on Gastroesophageal Reflux and said I needed to be scoped down my throat (Endoscopy) and to start working on getting it done Monday as they do not do it at the ER. Hoping when I have it that it will show what is going on and I have an easy road to recovery.


  1. I hope you get some definitive results from this. And a speedy recovery.

  2. I was hoping so, but I came up with all ok. Glad I did, but still suffering as my symptoms continue, along with additional ones.