Saturday, July 9, 2011


Soak 4 skewers for a couple of hours if using wood
Melt 1/3-1/2 cube butter, saute 8 mushrooms,
1 peeled fuji apple cored and cut into 8 pieces,
4 pieces of red onion (optional),
sprinkle over all with garlic powder
and saute for about 5 minutes,
then add
4 raw chicken tenders cut in 1/3's just to white on the outside
(not shown in this photo)

Prepping the Shish kabob's
chicken, mushroom, red onion (optional), fuji apple,
chicken, chunk pineapple from a can, fuji apple,
chicken, mushroom

Grill about 2 minutes each side
Medium/Off/Medium on a gas grill (place on the off burner)
indirect heat on a charcoal BBQ

Oscar loves to have my food
He gets to have a plain BBQ chicken tender on his diet
Yummy, dinner with some couscous


  1. I think we should get ourselves a barbecue so that my husband can become as good a cook as yours! :D I think that's the only way to get him to cook!

  2. I am surprised you do not have a BBQ, Lorraine, but since you bake, it is the oven for you. My husband loves to cook and does it really well and continues to create great meals. Make sure you get a gas grill as it heats up fast and is so easy to use for all kinds of foods, even those that usually go in the oven. We use our gas BBQ almost every night for dinner. There are 3 horizontal rows of temperatures to heat, Put all 3 on high to heat it up, then turn down the upper and lower temps to Medium and the middle one to Off to cook this meal.

  3. It was delicious. You can make this also, Carol, or change it up to what you like. You can use beef also, as Dan did for him and his sister.