Monday, July 11, 2011


Our first stop on our first day trip was at
Folsom Lake

It is pretty there and tons of huge homes
already built and more being built

Just a quick stop, then on our way.
Left the tripod in the car.

This was out of the norm for me,
but the restroom in the restaurant
that we ate at had the most beautiful decor

Lunch was fantastic at
Sir Vesa's
Mexican Grill in El Dorado Hills

What a beautiful drive up Hwy 50

A young couple was taking photos and
I offered to take photos of them with
their camera and they returned the favor.

Bridal Falls
Highway 50, El Dorado County

Snow on the mountains and clouds in the sky
People actually went skiing on July 4

What a beautiful drive

We tried to get to Bassi Falls in El Dorado County
but our car would not make it over the
last huge hump in the road
so we stopped on our way out
and enjoyed Big Silver Lake

Big Silver Creek

Big Silver Creek

American River Creek
happened to catch this creek as we started heading home

What a beautiful drive home

The end of our first day trip - 7/6/2011

The following day we headed out once again.
We drove into Grass Valley to get directions
to where we were headed in Colfax
to find the waterfall we were looking for
and saw this interesting painting
on this building

We drove to Colfax and asked
and searched for the waterfall,
but we could only find Bear Creek
which was not to much to see,
but a nice end to our waterfall ventures
for this vacation.


  1. Hi...Ceekay here. I have not heard any more from Ashley. I have taken that drug and it does make you feel like you have a mild flu. She probably is just trying to adjust to it. Cancer is a bummer....but we have to fight the best we can! If I hear anything I will try to let you know. I know Ashley will appreciate your concern. Hope your friends do well.

  2. Hi Ceekay, Thank you for getting back to me. I have a friend who took this drug also. It did not help her Cancer but did make her tired. She was moved on to another Chemo drug that made her violently ill and in and out of the hospital currently. Cancer is horrible. It sure is a fight. I am so sorry that you have gone through this battle also. It is so unlike Ashley to go quiet, but good thoughts for her as she goes through whatever she is. She is a sweet young woman and I have enjoyed chatting with her and keeping in touch. I will drop my e-mail address on your blog for you to e-mail me. Thank you, two are pretty silent about how they are doing. I have no idea as to how I would feel. I hope you come back and read this. I hope you do well also. Amazing what the body and the will to live and good Drs can do for one going through this and of course the love and support of family and friends.