Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I wish I could have gotten a better photo of the Jazz Band
our son is back in.
I do not like to take flash photography
before they are done performing.
The new Band Director had all stand and take a bow.
My timing was off a bit, so I got the after
the bow shot.
It had been a 2 year gap in playing his sax with the band.
It was a terrific performance
with a terrific Band Director
with a great sense of humor and got the audience involved clapping at the times he said.
I am looking forward to seeing the next performances and their Christmas performance.
It feels like home to me. I hope our son pursues his music once again.


  1. Oh what a great evening! I hope there are many more of those. You really need to invest in a recorder. There have been so many things you have wanted to record. Congratulations to Erik!

  2. It was a wonderful evening. I hope there are many more also. I dreamt that I found some camcorders for $50.00 last night and dove onto the pile of them on the floor where they were to find the one I wanted and got it. I want to record all that is coming up. He did a great job. I will tell him Congrats from you.