Friday, October 1, 2010


I think I spoke too soon. No ants in three years, now three years worth of ants.
I went to cut up my potatoes on a plate on our counter last night
and there was one ant on my plate, YUK!!
My husband went to the garage later to our recycle area outside our laundry door
and WOW, the invasion of the ants.
TERRO to the rescue.
The little thing you see to the left on my photo is a thin square of cardboard
that comes with the TERRO liquid.
To attach it, my husband bent it and tacked it in place.
Then drops of TERRO on it and more of the stuff this morning.
What a mess.
They are crawling up the wall and across where the wall meets the ceiling,
hanging a left and continue to the garage door then down the wall and disappear
With TERRO, they should be gone in a few days.
I am so glad for the cooler weather, as they will be gone a lot faster.


  1. Yeah, I discovered that recycle tends to draw bugs no matter how much I rinsed cans and jars, so I am selective about what I do. But ants would be better by far than what we get!!!

  2. I think we are lucky in the fact that they hit the recycle, not our pantry like many times before. Ants are I agree better than what you get. Hoping they are gone soon.