Friday, October 29, 2010


My Pineapple Sage is in bloom already.
We have had hummingbirds coming by
to get some nectar from the flowers.
It was early to see this as
I bought this plant last year and
decided to cut it back late in the season.
Getting the hang of this particular plant
and enjoying it so much as Pineapple
is a favorite of mine.
Rub the leaves between your fingers
and you smell fresh Pineapple.


  1. This year mine is also in bloom like this. Unfortunately no hummingbirds. Mine is bushier than yours but has only a fraction of the leaves. It is a process to learn how to care for this plant but I am so glad that you told me about it as I enjoy mine very much.

  2. I love seeing them blossom. I guess there are no hummingbirds around your yard. I have only seen two. They are quick and gone. Not like last year as they hung around the plant and then left. I think yours got bushier as you cut it back a lot sooner. I waited till mine was thinned out a lot and it is looking like that again. I am so glad you are enjoying yours. I will cut mine back before the Spring, I think and see how it goes.