Sunday, February 7, 2010


This was my lunch. A lightly barbecued Sacramento Kings hot dog cut up and dipped in ketchup, black olives, San Francisco Sliced Sweet French Rolls cubed to dip in my homemade Spinach Dip, deli sliced boiled ham rolled with whipped cream cheese in the middle and cut into bite size pieces, 3 small prawns with McCormick Cocktail Sauce and a luscious brownie from our grocery store, Bel Air.
Next was dinner. I sliced some Sweet French Bread, spread some margarine on it, made a package of Marie Calendars cornbread and had a piece of it, my husband warmed up Signature Cafe - St. Louis-Style Smokehouse Red Ribs (purchased at Safeway for $5.00), also 3 wings barbecued by my wonderful husband and a few of the 20 sauteed mushrooms stuffed with (6 ounces of Nob Hill Artichoke Dip pureed with a few chopped mushrooms, 1/8 cup Progresso Plain Bread Crumbs, sprinkled with a little Parmesan cheese and cooked in my toaster oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes). We also warmed up a can of Trader Joes turkey chili to pour over a slice of our cornbread in a small cup, but I could not finish mine. I went back for seconds later, and feel as though I cannot move now as I am stuffed. What a great day we had we had. The sun was shining here. There were some very good Super Bowl commercials, but not like years past. The BIG NEWS IS THAT The New Orleans Saints won their very FIRST Super Bowl.


  1. Yes, I should have come over and enjoyed some of that good food. I would have brought my crocheting and been very contented! Maybe next year...

  2. You are always welcome. The heck with your crocheting. We would talk away the day, laughing and having fun. I would love to see your crocheting, and love to learn something simple. I am ready for next year. See you then.

  3. We had the superbowl playing on tv here although this was my first year watching it! Your lunch and dinner look great Darlene! :D

  4. I am glad that you stopped by Lorraine. How did you like the Super Bowl? I was on and off my computer while it was on. I jumped up for the commercials and 1/2 time. Thanks, the photo was my lunch, but I ate much more than my dinner plate photo. I was so stuffed. It was really good.