Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day Like Spring In The Midst Of Winter

I looked at Oscar sleeping in the warmth of the sun on the back of our Futon, and he looked as I remember him on the day we rescued him last September. He was in a cage and laying there sleeping. The sun is coming and going today. Oscar and I deserve to get out and enjoy a bit of the sun.
I quietly went out back and snapped a few photos of my beautiful Pineapple Sage plant. It sure has lots of blossoms to feed the hummingbirds that stop by. I saw that Oscar was now sitting up on the Futon so I called him, and he came running to go outside with me.
I took a chance and let Oscar come out without his harness and leash. He was looking everywhere, especially at the fence and the birds. I picked him up, took him inside, put on his harness and leash and back out we went with his treats.

Oscar loves my Pineapple Sage and being in our backyard, in the sun, with the birds flying around and singing. But with the bark of our neighbors dog and our neighbor trying to quiet her dog, Oscar flew in our back door with me holding onto his leash. He finally runs in the right direction, not towards what scares him, and that direction is home. He has come a long way since we rescued him last September.
I promised a friend that I would snap a few photos of our pool, and today seemed like a good day to do so. If only it was HOT outside, you know where I would be.
What are you doing? I would like to go outside again. The neighbors dog is still barking, so that is not such a good idea. It was nice to get out for a little sunshine in the midst of Winter.


  1. Your yard is so inviting. Unlike my muddy, standing water, dead back yard! I am eager for spring but still have much to finish inside so I guess it is good that I am not being tempted! Glad you two were able to enjoy this! It is the good stuff in life!

  2. Our yard is really inviting, but when hot enough to swim it can be too hot. Go figure. It is nice to sit and hang out when the weather permits. I hope you guys dry up soon. It is definitely the good things in life. I had fun with Oscar and really enjoyed the warm sun as much as he did.